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Dear Diary,

I woke up at 4:30 this morning for no apparent reason. It was one of the rare occasions where I woke up Junior, instead of the other way around. He was about as gracious about it as I usually am. Right now he’s laying in the Sphinx pose, pretending he’s not asleep, but I know differently. For the past few days it’s been hot in the living room, but nicely cool in the bedroom. Today it’s the opposite and probably why I’m up so early. I prefer to sleep in the cold and find it difficult when it’s hot.

The Sims Social finally went live on Facebook a while ago. I normally don’t like games on Facebook. Most developers take the idea of “social gaming” as meaning that it’s best to pester your friends into playing a game they may not want to play. They do this by making it impossible to progress unless you have a certain amount of friends also playing. So, this means bothering your actual friends until they give in or remove you from their friends list or hitting up strangers to be “friends” and giving them access to your updates, wall, and photos. This is something I detest and The Sims Social is no different.

On the other hand, you do get to poo happy faces. You can also be put in the awkward situation of being pressured to flirt with your relatives. I became traumatized because I had to make out with my mother.

Besides all that, it’s not a bad implementation of The Sims franchise. It’s not in “3D” but, I suppose, that’s to be expected for a Flash game.

Google+ also got their games going. Quite a few of them are also of the same model of annoying people you know. They do handle game notifications a lot better, though. Games get their own pages and stay out of sight of your regular feed.

I’ve never been one for using shaving cream. It’s not that I have anything against the stuff, or the makers of shaving cream, it’s just that hot water was always good enough for me. Lately I’ve started using it because I’ve had an uncontrollable urge to see what I look like covered in meringue. For some reason, once I get shaving cream under my nostrils I have an almost undeniable urge to take a deep breath through my nose. This is a really bad idea.

I’m having a problem figuring out if I should post these at night or the next morning. If I post updates at night I’m not sure how many people will see the update notice on Facebook and Google+. If I post it the next morning then everything is skewed by a day. I suppose it doesn’t matter, really, so I’ll probably post it the next morning.

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