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Dear Diary,

Today is a holiday! That should be exciting, but now everyday is a holiday for me! Only, I still can’t do anything, really. Having a BBQ is out of the question, what with all the fires raging nearby and my complete lack of a BBQ to cook on. But that’s all right because I’d have to drag the whole affair down two flights of stairs to use it. Overall, I come out a winner on this one.

Early this morning I decided to upgrade my Linux kernel. This is a bad, bad, bad idea when you just wake up. Needless to say, I booted up with it and the whole thing failed to load. I had tried to get rid of all the modules that I know I don’t need; hardware that I don’t have and that sort of thing. Unfortunately, I don’t really know what, exactly, I need and don’t need. No worries, though, because I still have the old kernel working and can use that until I figure out what the problem is. It’ll keep my noggin engaged for a while.

I have decided to re-work my closet even further. Lacking any kind of clothing storage device that utilizes drawers, I must use the closet for actual clothing placement. So, my plan is to cram all the crap in my bedroom in there. Things that won’t rust or become home to the alien creatures known as “insects” will go into the outside closet once I get rid of the boxes in there that are falling to pieces.

The designer of these apartments, I fear, is a full fledged moron. I think I would rather have another closet inside and have the hot water heater (devices prone to springing leaks) outside. I suppose that’s just me, though, thinking about how to minimize damage should some sort of accident occur.

I can’t find my salt shaker. This is driving me nuts.

Furniture has been heavy on my mind of late. If I were to buy a piece of furniture it would either be a dresser (with drawers!) or an L-shaped desk, to maximize the space I can use for my computer and it’s assorted pieces of junk. I’ve also been contemplating mounting my monitors on the wall for the awesomeness factor.

I was having an online conversation with someone about books and it has sadly reminded me of all the books I have lost over the years. Now that I’m aware of their absence I have an overwhelming desire to re-read them again. Specifically, books by John Myers Myers and Kim Stanley Robinson. Yes, I miss the authors with three names rather than the more common two. I also realized that there are two books I haven’t read before but want to and they, too, have three-named authors. I believe I am working my way up to true literature, one step below the single named authors. Or, at least, authors who can be known by a single name. If you’re at a fancy dinner party and say, “Hemingway,” people automatically know who you’re talking about and reply, “Ah, Hemingway!” back. Or, “Hemingway? He sucks!” It would be the rare person who says, “She was fucking hot in Star 80!”

Perhaps if I soak up enough one-named and three-named literature I can be an author myself one day. I have three names, so that’s a good sign. I still don’t have an alcohol, drug, or mental problem, though. These are things I consider highly important for a well known author.

I’m having a chicken breast for dinner. I’m running out of ways of preparing chicken breasts.

It was cool out tonight so I opted to go and get some coffee. It’s a good night for birds because the crickets were out in force. Blasted aliens.