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Dear Diary,

Today I did nothing. A lot of nothing. Actually, I did do laundry. I also washed some dishes. Then I cooked dinner. But besides that I did nothing. Except watch a couple of episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Unfortunately, I’m getting tired of them. I’ll need to find something else to occupy my time.

The apartment is actually quite cool today. I suppose my downstairs neighbors have decided to turn off their heater for a while. I found my bed sheet and comforter and put them on the bed. It looked very inviting so I thought I might take a short nap. It’s rare for me to have anything on the bed aside from the bottom sheet, whatever that’s called, so Junior had to investigate it. Then he had to get underneath the comforter. Then he had to poke me with a claw, for the hilarity of it all, I suppose. That put an end to my nap before it even started.

I let the birds out for a little while. They seemed to enjoy it, as they always do. I feel bad that I can’t just leave them out most of the day but that doesn’t work well when we’re all in such close quarters. Whichever one is out annoys the one that’s still in their cage. Tomorrow I’m going to give the cages a good cleaning. That’s something else that’s difficult in an apartment.

Speaking of which, if you live alone but have a bird capable of imitation it is still advisable to watch what you say and do around them. For instance, walking around trying to belch as loudly as you can is a bad idea.

I don’t have a lot of furniture in my apartment. There’s not much room for it. I have a chair and a love seat, which are torn up pretty bad due to previous cats and a gaggle of ferrets. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of them but that would mean having no furniture in my living room. Then there’s the bedroom, which has my bed, desk, and desk chair. Oh, and a DVD shelf. There’s not much room in here, either, but sometimes I think it would be nice to have a dresser so that I might put various articles of clothing in it. I could probably make space but I have a hard time ponying up money to buy a necessity. I’d much rather buy other things. Now that I’m unemployed, though, I won’t buy fun things, either. What this means for me is to continue living from my laundry basket and not having anything fun to make up for it.


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