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I had a dream.

I was in an apartment, but it was huge. Multiple stories, many rooms. And it sprung a leak. Everywhere. Water was dripping from the ceilings, always an edge next to a wall, in several rooms. I called the office to have someone come and fix it but I had to keep calling because nobody was answering the phone.

Then kittens started showing up. I figured the first one was from a neighbors apartment and it had, somehow, walked through the wall. It was mostly white with orange spots until I shoo’ed it from a room; then it was white with pink spots. I thought this was only slightly unusual. But the kittens kept coming.

I went through the apartment, keeping track of leaks and realized that I had a laundry room upstairs. It was somewhat small, but it had lots of cabinets and drawers. I thought it was a much better room than the one I had my washer in dryer in currently (wherever that was; I never found it).

Finally, someone showed up to look at the leaks. They started complaining about the water damage, telling me that I would have to have part of the carpet replaced with the padding because of the water damage. I argued that it wouldn’t have been bad, but nobody came to fix the leaks. This was ignored.

Then I saw that my carpet was all messed up. Parts were worn thin, as if furniture had been dragged back and forth over the same spot for years, wearing through to the floor. The whole place was, in fact, a disaster even though there wasn’t anything in it; no furniture, no appliances – just me and, by this time, several dozen kittens.

Then my alarm cat went off. Three o’clock in the AM. He was knocking things off my desk and scratching at my chair. I got out of bed like I was going to feed him and he rushed out of the bedroom. I closed the door and went back to sleep.

I’ve decided that regardless of what time I feed Junior, I’ll feed the birds at the same time. That way, it’s all done and the mornings are mostly mine. I can choose to sleep again or stay up and do whatever it is I do.

Today is Saturday and I have no idea of what to do. I feel as if I should do something, but I don’t know what. But it’s only 7:30am and I have, for the second time, just got up.

I’m thinking of writing a review of Sims Social, just because Facebook game mentions seem to bring in quite a bit of traffic. Probably people looking for cheats.

From watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation” after “Enterprise” I’m surprised to find that I like “Enterprise” a bit more. It’s probably because Captain Archer reminds me of Eek the Cat; he’s zooming around space looking for people to help and always ends up kicked in the nuts for it. When you piss him off, though, he’s capable of dishing out copious amounts of Kirk-Fu on his foes and that makes it all better. It should have had a longer run.

I got bored enough that I decided to take a drive. A simple drive that turned into an eight hour journey. The amusing thing is that for some other states, eight hours would mean leaving the starting state at least once. Not so in Texas, though; it just means maybe leaving a metropolitan area.

One thing that I should have kept in mind is that it was Labor Day weekend. I should have realized that my route was going to take me directly past Fiesta Park (Six Flags) and Sea World. Luckily, the only bit of traffic that hit me was on I35 sort of around the area of the exit for these two theme parks.

Anyway, I made it to Bandera, TX, which was a lively town full of people, cars, motorcycles, and horses. And people on horses. I thought it was a pretty small town until I made it to Medina. But that’s where Ranch Road 337 starts.

Ranch Road 337 is one of the “Three Sisters,” three roads in the San Antonio area (in Texas measurements); the other two are 335 and 336. I don’t know which one is the ugly sister, but 337 can get really hair around Leakey, TX. I braked extra hard for one left handed turn because I saw a guard rail straight ahead of me – and nothing past it. At all. But, boy, was it fun to drive. It’s no surprise that this is a favorite road of motorcycle riders. In fact, they slowed me down quite a bit. After exercising your forearms with a back-and-forth motion on the steering wheel you get a little bit of a respite while passing through Leakey, which takes about ten seconds because of the stop sign.

The 2008 Census has the population of Leakey pegged at 359 people which means if you moved there you would probably know everyone in town just by turning in a circle. Some people may consider this a bad thing, but I don’t. Not necessarily.

So, driving across Leakey brings you to the next section of RR337, which is fun on a bun. Driving through canyons and up and down mini-mountains will give you and your vehicle of choice quite a workout, but you really need to be careful.

After fifty-eight miles of this you end up in Medina, TX. I stopped for gas here, even though I only used half a tank. The population of Medina is larger than Leakey, but looking down what I guess is the main street I was struck with the impression that the buildings are probably all original, with only the names of business’ changed.

After a short stint on TX-55, which brings you through Barksdale, a town that didn’t even register on me, you can opt to take another Sister, Ranch Road 335, which is twenty-nine miles of slightly easier going fun than RR 337. Although I was once again slowed down by bikers until they decided to turn around.

I could have taken the last Sister, Ranch Road 336, but at this point I was pretty damned tired and really just wanted to get home. I was already four hours away and RR 336 would have brought me back to Leakey. So I hunkered down and took the long, somewhat boring, trip to I10 and from there back to I35 and Austin.

When I came home I fed the animals and promptly went to sleep. But let me just say that the Challenger was a real trooper. And still comfortable after eight hours of driving. And anyone that says the SRT can’t handle, well, I invite them to drive one on RR 337.

In retrospect, there were probably a lot quicker ways of getting home. I’m not sure why my GPS decided to send me the long way around but that’s something to keep in mind for the future. But, in all honesty, I was regretting taking this trip long before I got to RR 337. People can’t drive around here. I think I passed more people on this trip than I have in my entire life, just on the two lane portions. The unchallenging, straight, easy going two-lane sections. But besides that, it just takes so long to get to Leakey (where the Sisters actually start) that it’s a major thing just starting the drives.

On the other hand, I don’t feel bored today and I got a really good nights sleep so maybe it was worth the 453 mile drive.