STV In The Field

Can money buy you happiness? No. And, like The Beatles said, "Money can't buy me love."

But it can sure buy you sex, which is a good second place. And sex can make you happy if it's done right. Money can buy you a lot of other things that can make you happy, too. At least in the short run.

Being able to pay bills on time, pay the rent so you have a place to live, and being able to buy food are nice foundations for living a happy life. Being able to buy a bunch of crap is also good for the "feel good" moment that follows.

At the end of the day, though, junk is junk; ready to be bought, collected, made obsolete, and then tossed away. Good friends, family, people who love and support you — that's where real happiness should come from.

It just seems so much easier to acquire friends and significant others when you have a healthy wad of cash. Once you win the lottery you also find out just how much family you really have.

Come to think of it, weren't the members of The Beatles kind of wealthy? And the surviving ones are probably still wealthy now. Wealthier than me, anyway. What's that all about? Is Paul McCartney happy? He probably is. That rat bastard.

Some people, though, are inherently unhappy. Nothing makes them happy. Like the original Scrooge McDuck. I haven't read a Scrooge McDuck comic in years but I remember being, well, a scrooge and lording his wealth over others because he was not a happy duck. Not until his nephews came around. Sort of. So, there you go, family makes you happy; not fictional wealth.

But, then again, Richie Rich always seemed happy. And I know he had a dad, but I don't remember him having a mother. But I haven't read those comics since I was a kid either. I do remember that he had no problem sharing his wealth, always ready to help out others and let his friends use his neat-o things. I don't know if he actually bought anything for anybody, but he was willing to share. And he had friends.

So, before this gets anymore ridiculous, money can't buy you happiness but having money sort of makes it easier, especially if you're altruistic and ready to help out other, less privileged people.

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