Electronic Wizardry

A long time ago, when "Dungeons & Dragons" was still the big thing, sword & sorcery movies were on the rise, and text adventures were still big on the home computers there was an electronic board game called "Dark Tower."

One to four players navigated around the circular land battling Brigands, disease, and poor navigational skills to collect three keys. These keys were necessary for entering the Dark Tower, which sat brooding in the center of the game board, tall and, yes, dark.

The four D cell powered tower helped keep track of your army, your provisions, and if you were lucky enough to have the sword that could slay the dragon that would pester you. Three light bulbs lit up a cylinder that would turn to display different pictures of what you were dealing with. A dual digit LED display kept track of numbers. A tinny speaker issued forth sounds that were state of the art in 1981.

It was a fun game, fun until the batteries ran out. I suppose I could buy a set now, but they're really expensive if you find one in good condition. Luckily, there's at least one web site that has a faithful Flash version of the game.

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