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I’m a smart guy, I think. I’ve also been working with computers and other technological wonders since the 1980s. Even still, I sometimes find it hard to adapt.

I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned the time I tried putting a car in drive and the transmission indicator stayed in neutral. It took me a while but I finally figured out I was looking at the compass.

Yesterday I decided that since I have a “smart” phone I should do something trendy, like changing my ringtone to a song. Why should I stick with the same old “ring-rings” when I can put one of my favorite songs on there, right?

So I clip the first few seconds of NoMeansNo’s “Rags and Bones,” up to the end of the “Yeehah!” I then went about my business until it was time to go to the grocery store. I pocket my lighter, cigarettes, and phone. I grab my sunglasses. I grab the garbage so I can take it to the dumpster. On the way to the dumpster I hear music and it sounds like it’s coming from a car, not very close by. The tune sounds somewhat familiar but I don’t bother trying to remember what it was. I tossed the garbage in the bin and then walked to my car. When I started the car it had an odd icon on the display that I hadn’t seen before. When I got to the store I checked my phone and it said I had a missed call. That was neat; I had to update the software on my radio myself because the dealership maintains that they don’t have anyone skilled enough to put a CD in the cd player. I didn’t know it had additional functionality with the phone.

It wasn’t until halfway through my shopping trip that I realized that the song I was hearing on the way to the dumpster wasn’t from a car at all – it was coming from my phone. It was my ringtone.

There have been people who wonder why I admit to doing stupid things like this. They think it would be best to keep it to myself. But, hey, there could be someone else out there that does things like this. And if it gives you a laugh then I’m all for it.