I was abandoned for lunch yesterday and I didn’t have much of a dinner.  So, when I woke up this morning I realized that I was ravenous.  On the way to work I was thinking of microwaving up another breakfast and wondering how I could turn it into an exciting blog.

After a quick stop at Wal*Mart I was ready for both.

On the left we have Aunt Jemima’s “Pankcakes and Sausage.”  The box is attractive with warm reds and oranges.  It looks like the sun is about to rise over the two fresh strawberries.  Gaze upon the golden syrup running down the stack of pancakes like a tasty sweet river.

On the right, we have the Jimmy Dean “Pancakes & Sausage Links Breakfast Bowl.”  The box is more functional than artistic.  It’s a no-nonsense box for someone who’s freaking hungry, not looking for art.  The only capitulation to style is the zig-zag pattern of the syrup.  Although the sausages do look a bit more… ready for action.

Opening up the boxes reveal the truth beneath the thin exterior.  In the case of Aunt Jemima, the packaging is an

outright lie.  A white tray with three pancakes and two sausages.  All right, that’s not the lie.  But the sausages look different.  The pancakes look different.  What’s with that weird “inner ring,” anyway?  But where’s the strawberries?  Where’s the river of syrup?  Where, oh where, is that rising sun? 

With Jimmy Dean, function is the word of the day.  You get the ubiquitous bowl, because it’s a “Breakfast Bowl” you see, with the pancakes and some sausages peeking out from under their fluffy bed.  But the pancake on top looks bruised.  But what’s more important here is that there is syrup.  Yes, that lying scum bag, Aunt Jemima promises it, but Jimmy Dean delivers. 

After the short time in the microwave, it’s time for the presentation.  Jimmy Dean’s offering looks pretty good.  I added my own butter but used their syrup.  I couldn’t get the butter to stay on top, though, so I won’t be expecting any jobs as a food photographer.  But, it looks okay.  Ready to eat.

Aunt Jemima, though…  In all honesty, I could have used PhotoShop to paste in butter on top of the uncooked picture and it would look the same.  There’s nothing here that says, “It’s a beautiful, sunshine filled, strawberry lovin’ morning!”  It says, “I lied to you, now guess if I’m ready to eat!”

The Jimmy Dean syrup pack was big enough that I used the left overs to use on Aunt Jemima’s breakfast.  So, not only did JD bring syrup for himself, he brought it for his friends.

Taste-wise, I’m going to have to go with Jimmy Dean.  You get more sausages, four to Aunties 2, and they all just taste better. 

Jimmy Dean is the clear winner to this breakfast smack down.  You have to keep in mind, though, that Jimmy Dean’s Breakfast Bowls are almost twice the cost of Aunt Jemima’s breakfast offerings.  This is a case where you do get what you pay for.

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