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Jimmy Dean is well known for their breakfast sausages, I guess, so it’s no surprise Mr. Dean is back with another breakfast for me.

I had tried the Breakfast Bowls before I saw the weird, probably-acid-induced commercial for it.  I have to admit, it’s not bad.  They’ve got quite a bit of food in them and they taste good.  Pretty filling stuff.

I was also happy to see in the ingredient list that it

contains eggs, potatoes, ham and cheese.  Then I noticed that the eggs and potatoes had their own list of ingredients.  How odd.  I suppose, in theory, that they’re still real food but I never make my eggs with xantham gum.  I couldn’t say if the potatoes I make contain tetrasodium pyrophosphate but I’m guessing they don’t. 

Regardless of stuff I can’t pronounce, the Breakfast Bowls are probably my favorite microwavable breakfast so far.