I have two cars at the moment.  So I had been driving one car quite a bit then the other day I needed to take the other car somewhere.

I get into this car, start it up, and put the gear thing in reverse.  I didn’t feel the usual jolt of it being put into gear, though.  Then I looked at the digital indicator; it still said “N.”  I found this worrisome.  I tried putting it into different gears, but it still just said “N.”  Finally, I put it back in reverse.  I felt the transmission kick in and I tried to back out of the driveway.  Sure enough, it started moving.  In the correct direction.

Half a second later I realized that I’m an idiot.  The other car that I had been driving, you see, had the gear selector between the front seats.  On the dashboard it has a digital readout showing what gear is selected.

The car I was driving when this happened has the gear selector on the steering column.  So it has the usual “P R N D123” thing with the red line showing what gear you’re in.  It doesn’t have a digital indicator on the dashboard because that would be kind of stupid.

What it does have, that the other car lacks, is a compass.

So I found out that my driveway points North.