Garbage.  It’s a fact of life, really.  You use stuff and it generates garbage.  Just about anything you do is going to generate garbage.  Cooking, cleaning, and, well, I guess there’s more to life than those two things.

Back in the old days of just one or two people in an apartment garbage was a pretty straightforward thing.  The garbage bag gets filled up and taken out to the dumpster.  I had no idea when it got emptied and, frankly, I didn’t care.  Once it got to the dumpster, full or empty, it was out of my hands.

When you get into a house, though, things get a bit more difficult.  As a kid, the biggest worry was being in sight when it was time for someone to take the can out to the curb.  Stay invisible and Dad would have to do it.  Get your own house, though, then a whole new world of hassle is opened up to you.  You have to know when the days are that your garbage gets picked up.  Miss it, and you run the risk of an overflowing can.

I’m sure I mentioned that I have four kids under my wings. Kids could end the energy crisis if we could power houses with garbage.  They magically create garbage from nothing.  Spend the day cleaning your house.  Marvel at the sparkling loveliness of your abode.  Turn your back for five minutes while the kids walk through the living room and when you turn around again it’s full of garbage.  There’s stuff on the floor now that you’d swear was never in the house to begin with.

So, miss a day of bringing your full can to the curb and you’ll be guaranteed a heaping mound of garbage to go out the next garbage day.

So, what prompted this little insight?  The township I live in has knocked me down to one garbage pickup a week.  Down from two.  Which I found to be woefully inadequate.  And I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to burn trash in the backyard around here.

The upside is that recyclables are collected every other week in a bin that’s the same size as the trash bins.  If I can be disciplined enough it could be enough.  There’s an amazing amount of school papers and Dr Pepper cans that could go in that bin.  I’m just hoping it’s big enough for two weeks.  I may have to mash them up.