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I have Modern Family automatically added to my queue in Hulu.  Yet, every time it gets added I dread watching it.  I wait until there’s nothing left in the list to watch before I start it up. 

Yet, when I finally get around to watching it, I laugh and laugh.  There are aspects of this show that I think are hysterical.  And I think the actors are perfect.  And I love Ed O’Neill. 

The show is about a patriarch (Ed O’Neill), his young Spanishy wife and her son.  His son is gay and has the best gay boyfriend since Nathan Lane in The Birdcage.  They just adopted a Vietnamese baby.  His daughter is married to a guy who tries to be hip and is really a jerky nerd.  They have three kids.

Anyway, the show is set up kind of like a reality show.  The characters get into weird situations and then they have brief interviews with the characters involved.

I don’t understand how I can dread watching something so much, yet enjoy it so much when I finally do.