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And so the Earth completes another circle around the Sun bringing us into the year 2010.

I, for one, am glad to see 2009 leave.  It’s been a horrible year for me.  2010 doesn’t look like it’ll be much better, but at least it still has a few months to redeem itself.

Traditionally, New Years Eve is a time to make resolutions.  A person finally figures out what kind of changes need to be done in life and then spend the next twelve months making it happen.  Sometimes they don’t last long but, sometimes, they manage it.

The year 2010 is another Arthur C. Clarke year.  If I remember correctly, this year Jupiter is supposed to turn into another sun so that beings on its moons can begin to evolve.  I wouldn’t have anything against this but I wonder what it would do for night time around here.  Considering 2001 didn’t happen quite like it did in the book and movie I’m guessing I won’t have to worry about it too much.

2009 didn’t seem like a good year for celebrities, either.

Some celebrities that died in 2009:

  1. Bea Arthur
  2. Billy Mays
  3. Brittany Murphy
  4. David Carridine
  5. Dom Deluise
  6. Ed McMahon
  7. Ted Kennedy
  8. Farrah Fawcett
  9. Henry Gibson
  10. John Updike
  11. Karl Malden
  12. Les Paul
  13. Lou Albano
  14. Marilyn Chambers
  15. Michael Jackson
  16. Natasha Richardson
  17. Oscar Mayer Jr
  18. Pat Hingle
  19. Patrick McGoohan
  20. Patrick Swayze
  21. Ricardo Montalban
  22. Ron Silver
  23. Soupy Sales
  24. Walter Cronkite

Those are just the ones that I know.  I have to confess that there are a couple on that list I didn’t know about until I looked it up.

I didn’t know Bea Arthur died.  I always thought she’d make a good Granny Weatherwax.  On the other hand, I thought John Updike died years ago, so I guess it all balances out.

But now it’s time for a new year to start and people can make new beginnings for themselves.  It’s just too bad that doesn’t matter to everyone else in the world.  Your company isn’t going to say, “Hey, last year was pretty bad so let’s start from scratch today!”  And if your spouse was mad at you on December 31st, they may still be mad at you on January 1st.

The best I can do right now, though, is to wish everyone a decent 2010.  May your lives get brighter.