One day I had lunch with my dad, my grandma, and my sister. We were at a diner (I don’t remember which one) on Rt. 3 in New Jersey. We were sitting at a table and general chit-chat was going on. I idly looked out the window to my right and watched traffic go by. Then I looked to my left and saw another window and watched those cars go by.

I thought, “This is neat, a diner in the middle of two highways.” The thing is, I knew one highway was Route 3, but I didn’t know what the other highway was. I didn’t remember there being another highway that close to Rt. 3, either.

So, I pointed off to the right and said, “I know that’s Route 3, but which highway,” pointing to the left, “is that one?”

Between the words “that” and “one” I realized that the window to the left was a mirror. Not a window. But it was too late.

My dad started choking, my grandma just kind of rolled her eyes, and my sister nearly fell off her chair from laughing so hard.

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