I may have mentioned that I’m originally from New Jersey but now live in Austin, TX. When the holiday season rolls by, starting at Halloween, there are some things I miss.

One of these is Autumn, when the leaves change color and drop off the trees, the loud whispering that comes when the wind blows over the dry leaves on the ground.

But I also miss the winters and, as much as I hate driving in it, the snow. The late night silence as snow falls. Back when I was a kid, the neighbors had a light in their backyard. It looked like an old gas lamp. There were woods behind our house, too. And when we got a pretty good, deep snow, I imagined it looked like Narnia. At least, how I remember it from reading the books.

There can be something magical about snow that may not be noticable until you’re in a place where it doesn’t snow. Or, in my case, where it might snow but not enough to be interesting.

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