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As it may have been noticed reading through past blogs, I have a rather spotty history when it comes to television. Usually I don’t bother with it. I hardly ever have the time to watch any shows when they come on and, when I have a VCR or DVR, they usually pile up until there’s so many that it’s nearly impossible to watch them, anyway.

For the past year or so I’ve been watching shows on Hulu while at work. I don’t really watch them, it’s more like listening to them. However, I have gone through quite a number of shows and have found shows that I really liked, only to find out that they’ve been canceled for several years.

One of the shows that I knew about but never watched, and resisted watching on Hulu, was Stargate – SG1. I never really had a good reason for this other than Richard Dean Anderson was in it and I thought McGyver was a pretty silly show and that I really liked the movie Stargate and didn’t think it would be as good.

In any case, I ran out of things to watch so I started with the first season of Stargate-SG1 and became instantly sorry that I hadn’t watched it since it started.

While SG1 has some elements in it that I don’t care for, such as a main enemy who always gets away or manages to come back to life after certain doom, it also has elements that I really like. The universe is pretty consistent and they reference plot devices from many episodes back, creating a cohesive history. While I’m sure if I were one of those anal people that sit with their eyes glued to the screen looking for inconsistencies I could find some, for casual watching it all fits together well.

I like the characters. Especially, ironically, Richard Dean Anderson. I have to admit that I was surprised the first time I had seen Jack O’Neill fire a gun because I still had McGyver firmly locked in my brain. I was annoyed when he left the show until I saw that Ben Browder took his place.

I haven’t seen any episodes of Stargate Atlantis yet, but I look forward to it. It was because of SG1 that I started watching Stargate Universe when it showed up. I’m quite disappointed in that show.

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