I like Hulu.com because it lets me watch TV shows that I never get to watch because I have a big problem spending a lot of money for not watching a lot of TV. 

In terms of TV-Land I’m pretty much out in the desert.  I really don’t know what shows are out or what’s coming up or when anything is on.  Unless it’s a show that’s been on since forever in the time slot then I’m lost. 

This is a lot different than when I was a kid.  Back then I could tell you every show that was on, what channel it was on, what time it was on, and what new shows the Fall will bring.  All this without the Internet.  Of course for most of that time there were only three major networks – ABC, NBC, and CBS.  Then Fox jumped in.  Then everyone else and their brother set up shop.

So, anyway, I’ve lost touch.  There’s been a bunch of shows that have come and gone that I’ve never heard of. 

But, thanks to Hulu, I get to catch up on quite a few of them.  For instance, I could watch what is possibly the best science-fiction show every made: Firefly.  I’d known about it, knew it was chucked off the air, but never saw it until it showed up on Hulu.  Other gems I got hooked on were: Dead Like Me, Journeyman, New Amsterdam, John Doe, Surface and others. 

If you look through that list you may notice that none of them are on the air anymore.  Killed, cancelled. 

And that’s why I hate Hulu.  I could have gone my entire life without watching some of these shows, and never wanting to see them, or even knowing about them.  It really sucks to get interested in a show and find out it was knocked off the air years ago and will never come back.

It won’t stop me from continuing, though.  I’m just a glutton for punishment.