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My first hard drive was for my Atari Mega 2 ST. It was a whopping 10MB (megs! not gigs!) in size. It cost a stupid amount of money back then, too.

It occured to me, today, that even if I had a modest sized USB key of 1GB, I could put an Atari ST emulator on it and a bunch of games and applications and it would still be bigger than anything I had when I had my Atari working. For what? $9.99? Somewhere around there?

That’s the beauty of technology. What would be nifty would be a way of booting an Atari (or Amiga or whatever) from a key straight into an emulator. The bad thing is that, for the most part, you’d need Windows. That wouldn’t fit on a 1GB stick very well. Maybe you could do it with a bootable Linux distro but I’m not sure how much space they take up.

But booting up off a USB key and having a menu of which computer you’d like to use? That would be pretty cool.