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     It’s been a little while since I’ve posted an update.  My life is a little on the chaotic side at the moment.  Problems, problems, problems.

     What you can expect in the future (hopefully this weekend):

  • Review of the Vanilla Milkshake flavored Pop-Tarts
  • Review of the Facebook game, Tower Bloxx
  • Review of the Facebook game GeoChallenge

     I’ll also try and mention Pet Society more because it’s getting me tons of hits.  That shouldn’t mean anything to anyone but me, since I don’t have advertising on my site.  But I still like to think people find the place worthwhile to visit.

     Speaking of Pet Society, as I mentioned before the stadium is open.  You can race against your friends (if you can find them in the game) in a hurdle competition.  You have to jump over hurdles, clear your path of banana peels, and use “speed pads” to seemingly gain a speed boost. 

     I’ll tell you right now that the game cheats.  A racer behind you will speed by you with no problems at all, sometimes, even if you use the speed pad.  And sometimes you don’t jump too well.  And sometimes you just get screwed.  But it’s still a good way to get extra cash and points, even if you don’t win every race.

     The cafe is still not open and everything else is more or less the same.  Playfish is supposed to be adding 10 more ranks, though.  If you’re stuck at level 23 you won’t be for long.