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Hello everyone,

I’m pleased to say that yesterday was a banner day here at GoE.  I finally broke one hundred visits in a day, for a total of 122 hits.  I don’t know what clock WordPress is working from, but it says today is a new day so I’ll go with that.

I’m saddened, though, that “orange kittens” and variations of that has been booted as the top search term that gets people here.  It was finally knocked down by “Yoville.”  If the stats so far are any indication, then tomorrow they may be beaten by people searching for cheats in “Pet Society.”

Orange kittens has been the biggest draw to this sight since the very first post, about genetically modified kittens.  To be fair, though, the picture has gotten more people here than the article.  And it’s not even my picture.

Anyway, I’m hoping a lot of people read some of the site and have decided it’s worthwhile to read on occassion.  I don’t get anything from this other than the satisfaction that it amuses somebody at some point for some reason.