Last night I made King Ranch Chicken for dinner.  I got the recipe here and followed the simple version, which uses canned soup.  It turned out pretty good, although I think my chicken was too tough.  Brennon, though, started eating and only stopped long enough to say, “Holy crap, this is good!”  I take that as a good sign.

     I wanted to get “Spore” when it came out, but I wasn’t able to.  I keep reading and hearing about what a disappointment it is, so maybe it’s best I didn’t get it.  I also wanted to get “Force Unleashed” but wasn’t able.  Ars Technica is saying that the game is crap.  Maybe I’m just not meant to get anything.  Although I don’t usually count a review as the word of God anyway.  I’d still like to play it, reviews be damned.

     Fallout 3 is the next in my line of things I want but I won’t get.  I hope it’s good, though.