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     Are you one of those people that keeps a journal?  An adult version of the diary?  If you do, do you ever write in it while thinking that someone in the future, like a thousand years in the future, might read it one day?  Does that affect what you write, like make things clearer and document stuff better or do you sanitize it just in case some futuristic academic decides to judge your life?

     Or are you one of the people that does keep a journal but doesn’t give a hoot who reads it or when?  Or maybe you don’t keep a journal at all.

     During those times in my life when I do keep a journal (which I never keep up on and abandon at some point) I can’t help but think that someone is going to read it in the future.  Like, some archeologist in a few hundred years is going to dig up my notebooks and read through them.  I wonder if the language will still be the same, or if it will change significantly that my writing is unreadable (which it would be anyway because I’ve got sloppy penmanship penpersonship). 

     So, I think should I put in a bunch of details about the weather is stuff, just in case the future would find it interesting?  Should I explain any idioms or let them try and figure it out?  Will my diary journal be a Rosetta Stone for future generations?

     In reality, though, they’ll probably all end up in the dump.  Or, more scary, be recycled.  Why would recycling be scary?  Think of it this way, if the ancient Egyptians or Greeks were keen on recycling, what would we know about them today?