I had to drive to Louisiana and back the other day.  We made it in just over 24 hours.  Luckily, hurricane Ike hadn’t touched down yet.  While I saw a little bit of flooding on the way back it was nothing like what it would be a few hours later. 
     The trip there was worse in some ways.  I had the two oldest boys with me and they napped until we got to Houston.  Then they got hungry, but I wanted to get past Houston first because of the way I10 works there.  It wasn’t anything to be worried about, though, because there was no traffic at all.  Driving through Houston on I10 at 6:00pm and not seeing any traffic is kind of spooky.
     Then they started getting hungrier.  So once we past through downtown I started looking for something, like McDonalds or whatever.  Everything was closed.  Every once in a while there’d be an open gas station, where we’d get a couple of snacks, but otherwise everything was shut down.  We didn’t find a place to eat until we got to Jennings, La. and that town was packed with people.
     But we got there okay.  And we left the next morning and got back fairly quickly.  The highways were getting kind of backed up once we left I10.  Police were everywhere, even though it didn’t stop people from driving like asses.  People in black Dodge Chargers, in particular.
     Zoey was ecstatic when we got back.  She’d been left alone for that time so she went nuts when we got back.  She still had plenty of food and water.  Tooka was just about out, though, and I left three bowls of food in his cage.  I did have a backup plan in case something went wrong and we weren’t able to get back in time.

     Hulu.com rocks.  I’ve watched two seasons of The Pretender, and the first seasons of Tremors and Journeyman
     I’d never seen any of these before.  I like The Pretender a lot.  I think it’s up to four seasons, so I have two more to go.  I think.  I’ll have to look and see if they’re on DVD.
     I like the Tremors movies a lot.  I think they’re funny, smart, and goofy.  I’m sure other people didn’t watch any others after the first because it didn’t have Kevin Bacon in it.  And there’s probably people that didn’t watch after the second one because Fred Ward wasn’t in it.  But I think Michael Gross as Burt Gummer totally rocks.  I didn’t know he was in the TV show until I started watching it.  Overall, I think it’s pretty good for a TV show.  They don’t turn down the gore that much from the movies, and it’s still funny.  Also, several episodes had Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future, Taxi) as an eccentric scientist.  Some of the special effects are kind of cheesy, but not too bad considering it’s television.
     Journeyman surprised me.  I thought it was going to be a lot like Quantum Leap, and it is, but it has its own twists and charms.  It’s about a newspaper reporter that (seemingly) randomally gets chucked back and forth in time tracking someone that they’re supposed to help.  It works pretty well.  Unfortunately, I hear that series has been cancelled after the first season as well.
     Hulu is also good for catching shows you may have missed, if you don’t have a DVR or something.  I was able to watch Kitchen Nightmares and Burn Notice last night.

     I’m writing this now using Notes by Thinkfree.com.  It looks pretty interesting and allows you to post to a Blogger, LiveJournal, WordPress or Movable Type blog.  I guess.  I’m about to try that now. 
     My only real problems are:

  • Tab doesn’t work
  • Fonts keep changing with different paragraphs
  • Can’t insert a horizontal rule

     Other than that, it may be a decent alternative.  Unfortunately, it still doesn’t match Live Writer because I can’t post to my Live blogs.  The upside is that I can use it in Windows and Linux.  I guess I’ll never have a blogging tool in Linux that will match Live Writer.