I’m too busy to link everything, so I’m not going to.  I got all these from Apple’s site, though.

Knowing (Nicolas Cage) – This is a movie trailer that looks interesting.  Kid finds a paper full of numbers in a time capsule and Cage matches ‘em up with disasters that happened then begins looking at the new disasters.  Kind of “23”ish in a way, but it looks good.

Stealing America: Vote by Vote – This looks like another scary documentary about the US government.  This time it’s about how YOUR vote doesn’t matter, after all.  Probably a must see.

Fly Me To The Moon – Computer generated movie about a trio of flies who go to the moon and end up saving everything.  I probably should not have mentioned that, but it’s in the trailer so I figure it”s fair game.  I’m not sure why they’re giving that away in the trailer, but there ya go.  Also in 3D, but the trailer isn’t.  Looks okay.  I could probably wait until it hits DVD.

Yes Man (Jim Carrey) – A guy who says “no” to everything learns to say “yes” to everything.  It looks all right.  Kind of like Liar, Liar I guess.  Again, I could probably wait for the rental.  By the way, Jim is getting a little old these days.

Appaloosa – Vigo Mortensen and Ed Harris are roving marshalls who help take back a town.  Oh, it’s a Western.  The trailer is filled with violence so the movie should be pretty good, in a violent kind of way.

High School Musical 3 – I refuse to even watch the trailer.

Max Payne – This might be the best videogame to movie conversion yet.  The trailer looks decent.  Seems to keep kind of true to the game, from what little I can tell.