I wonder what it would be like to be a professional blogger.  To sit and write about stuff.  Important stuff, I bet.  And how would one become a professional blogger?  Are there job advertisements in the paper for bloggers?  I understand that there’s even some kind of blogging convention in Las Vegas, or someplace.

     My blogging is done for fun but I wouldn’t mind getting paid to do it.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind any job that would get me to write more often.  Most of the time I have a problem with coming up with things to write.  I used to think I’d write a lot of fiction, but then I thought what if I wanted to sell it in the future?

     I do come up with some good article ideas but they take time and a lot of effort.  My “Nostalgia” series is put on hold because there’s a lot of pictures and research that I need to do, and I don’t have time to get it done.  Now, if I were getting paid to write it, then it’d be done already.

     But those are the joys of having a hobby I suppose.

     Right now I have web logs on five different sites.  They’re all the same right now.  I write it once, then I send it out to different ones.  I have a sixth one, too, that’s supposed to be dedicated to gaming things.  Let’s see: WordPress, Live Journal, Blogger, Microsoft Live, and Xanga.

     I like WordPress the most.  I get to see all kinds of stats on what’s being searched for, which pages get the most views, how many people are visiting a day, and I can preview all the porn spam before anybody else gets to see them.  Xanga is also pretty good, in that I can see who is visiting, not just a number.  I’m not keen on Blogger at all.  I see no stats at all.  I don’t even know if anyone’s ever seen my Blogger page.  I have a soft spot for Live Journal, too, even though it’s not easy to navigate or tell what’s going on with it. 

     Sometimes I think I shouldn’t just mirror one blog and send it out to the different places.  I think I should dedicate each site to a different blog.  Like I do with the gaming site.  But I really can’t think of that much to write about, and I don’t have the time to figure out what should go where.  So, for now, everyone gets the same.

     And sometimes I think I should just stop.  Am I doing anybody any good?  Am I providing people with something worthwhile?  Am I just a rest stop for a search site’s web spider?  Do I fulfill a purpose?