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     Dr Pepper has a new contest going on.  Something to do with football, evidenced by the football motif on the label.  And I won my first prize today.  A cell phone ring tone.  I haven’t bothered collecting it yet.  I’m not even sure if it’ll work with my phone.  Or what kind of goofy ring tones they have.  I wonder if they have that old “I’m a Pepper” jingle?

     Normally I wouldn’t even mention it, but I see that Dr Pepper contests are poised to knock orange kittens off the most searched for item on this blog.  And I’m all about catering to my adoring public.

     So I’m watching TV in the Garden here, and this commercial comes on.  Some lady was going to tell me how to make these groovy nachos after another commercial (a commercial in a commercial, is there anything TV can’t do?).  I sit through the commercial and the lady tells me how to make these nachos.  I’ll share the recipe with you, but make sure you write it down because it’s really complicated.

  1. Open a bag of Tostitos and put ‘em on a dish.
  2. Open a bag of shredded cheese and pour it on the chips.
  3. Pour some Tostitos salsa over the chips and cheese
  4. Microwave it, presumably until the cheese melts.
  5. Garnish with, well, whatever you feel like.

     I thought my recipe for the budget Thanksgiving Dinner was simplistic.

     Anyway, now it’s your turn!  Leave a comment with a great recipe like the one above.  I’d make it a contest, but I can’t afford any prizes so it’ll just have to be for Kudos’.  Not the candy bars, though, because they cost like $1.00 or something.

     Well, it’s late and I reckon I better find my way to Dreamland.