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     I don’t have very much to write about today, so I figure I’m just going to “wing it.”  I’ve got some updates and stuff that need to be installed, so they’re going to take some time.


     My updates are done.  That didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it was going to.  I even installed a version of Open Office so I could check some results.  I’ve also got The Cars playing on the speakers.  Usually I wear ear-buds, but since I’m deaf in one ear still I decided I was going to treat myself.

     Now I remember why I don’t change fonts with Windows Live Writer – they don’t always stick.  Okay, so where was I?  Oh, right, today I’m working in French.  No, I’m no working in France, I’m working with Windows in French.

     The best part is that I don’t speak French.  Or even read it.  That doesn’t make the job difficult at all.  I guess it gives me a chance to learn the language.  Pretty soon I’ll be able to go to France and tell people how to change their broadband settings.  I’ll be a hero.


     I’m hungry 😦


     According to this article in the San Francisco Chronicle, it’ll be illegal for pharmacies to sell cigarettes. 

     I know there’s a lot of people ready to cheer that bit of information.  For them, here’s my advice: move to Russia or Libya or something.  If you want to live in a dictatorship where everything you can do is mandated by the government, then you need to leave this country behind.  America, "Land of the Free," isn’t the place you want to be.  You want to be in a country where it’s acceptable to micro-manage every portion of every person’s life.  So go ahead and pack those bags and please, please, please, leave this country so real Americans can live their lives in peace.

     And if you’re a smoker that lives in Austin, TX, then you can rest assured that what happens in California is going to happen here because there’s not one person with an original brain in Austin.  All the California imports are still connected to the Hive Mind out West.

     Oh, if you think you’re safe because you’re not a smoker (and smokers suck and you hope they all die, die, die!), guess again.  San Francisco would also like to charge a city-wide fee to retailers that sell sugary soda.  Guess who’s going to pay that extra fee?  No, not the smokers.  Not this time. 

     It’s just going to get worse, too.  Once the government gets their fingers into your life it doesn’t end.  Do you eat at McDonalds?  Don’t get used to it because it’s not healthy for you and you can bet your sweet ass that fast food will be put on the chopping block pretty soon.  It’s already started with the trans fats, but it’s going to get worse. 

     Everyone is concerned with your health, and yet we don’t have a national healthcare system.


     Still no rain yet.  It’s beginning to look like a Mad Max movie out there.

     I suppose I should package this up and send it to the sites.  Happy reading!