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     I’m back from my vacation.  It wasn’t actually a vacation, just a couple of days off.  It seems like I’ve been gone for ages, though. 

     Now I’m ready to get back into the swing of writing things.  A bonus for all you lucky people!

     Unfortunately, today isn’t the day for that because I can’t think of crap to write about.  Just the usual nonsense that I sputter on about.  Just more random crap.

     I did some checking and the Dr Pepper/Indiana Jones contest doesn’t end until 8/31/2008.  You all still have a little more than a month to drink tons of DP’s and hope you win something better than a screen saver and desktop wall paper.  I’m really disappointed because I should have a bunch of free Dr Peppers by now.

     I did get to see Wall-E and Hancock, though.  It’s a lot cheaper to go to the movies when you don’t have a gaggle of kids with you.

     Wall-E is good, Hancock is okay.  I could’ve waited for it to come on video before seeing it, but I don’t feel terrible about seeing it.  It wasn’t bad at all, really.

     So what’d you all do over the weekend?