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     In my last post I mentioned that I liked seeing old TV shows because of the differences in how life was lived.  Even if it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, there’s a whole host of differences in how we live our lives.

     The same is true for old movies.  I’ll watch a really old movie just to see how things are so different.  Like, if you watch a movie from before the 1960’s, almost every guy is wearing a hat.  Or seeing a movie that has a man delivering ice.  Or milk.  Having four kids, milk delivery would be an awesome thing to have if the price were right.

     There are times wouldn’t I wouldn’t mind having ice delivered, either.  Especially when the ice maker on the fridge is busted.

     Anyway, I can watch a movie or TV show and enjoy myself without even having to pay attention to the plot or anything.  The only downside is that movies and TV aren’t the best place to find historical accuracies.