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     The good news is that I got my car working again.  The bad news is, thanks to computers, it could have been fixed last week.  All that was really wrong was that it needed a new battery.  However, changing the battery can screw up the on-board computer causing it to go into a “limp home” mode.  What this does is make it so you can’t use the gas pedal.  It just doesn’t work.  You have to drive around at idle.

     However, if you leave the car sitting around for two hours or so then the computer either resets itself or gathers enough data to get it back into the swing of the things.

     So, in theory, I have a working car again.  I just don’t know how much I can trust it.

     I haven’t gotten a winning Dr Pepper in a while.  I think I know why.  I think someone’s been counting my trips to the Dr Pepper machine.  After I go there five times, I think this person goes to the machine and takes the sixth, winning, Dr Pepper.

     I need to stake out the machine after I buy five and catch the bastard stealing my winning caps.

     Watching old TV shows is kind of like a hobby to me.  Last night I watched the pilot episode of a show called “Due South.”  It’s about a Canadian Mountie who’s father is killed.  This Mountie then goes to Chicago to find out who killed him and why.  It’s a good show, and I enjoyed it when it was on TV in the 1990’s. 

     It’s amazing to see how different things are now.  In this pilot episodes a guy actually goes to use a payphone.  Can you believe that?  In a phone booth.  Wow.