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     The news stories are hitting the web: food manufacturer’s are giving you the same size package for the same price but putting less product in the package.  So that 24oz box of Cheerios you’ve been buying for years?  Take another look at it and you may find that you’re holding 20oz of cereal now.

     Many people are crying foul over this saying that the big corporations are trying to trick you, to fool you, making you think you’re buying the same amount of produce that you’ve been buying, but actually shorting you.

     They’re not trying to trick you.  They’re trying to help you.  We are an obese country and the only way you’re going to shed those pounds is by eating less.  What better way to help you lose weight than to make you think you’re eating the same while shaving off a portion or two? 

     You should be thanking them, not cursing them.  You’ve only got a little while left to try and fit into that speedo or thong, so you better get on it.

     All gasoline and diesel cars and trucks have been outlawed and taken off the road.  Everyone now drives an electric car.  At 5:00pm everyone hums home after work.  Each day millions of people come home and plug in their cars.  Then what?  Blackout?  Brownouts?  What?