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My weblog is hosted on WordPress.  My main blog, anyway.  The other blogs are kind of mirrors of this one since I use Windows Live Writer most of the time.  The other blogs are hosted on LiveJournal and Microsoft Live.

Anyway, WordPress is (I think) where most of the action occurs.  Although it’s also the only one that really shows me what’s going on.  One of the handy tools it has is to show what search criteria was used to reach the site.

I’d like to take a moment here and address some of these searches.  Somebody was looking for something specific and they got here; the least I can do is provide some kind of answer.

So here we go.

  • orange kittens – I have one picture (that I know of) on this site that features an orange kitten.  This kitten has brought over 350 people to this blog.  This is both a boon and a curse to me because I put a lot of thought into my blogs and to get the most traffic because of a cute, fuzzy orange kitten irks me.  On the other hand, it brings people here and maybe, just maybe, has caused folks to visit on a constant basis.
  • dr pepper indiana jones contest – Then there’s this Dr Pepper contest.  I think in the short time I’ve posted about it, it’s been the second most popular reason for people to come here.  This has little to do with me because I think I’ve only complained about the lack of decent “low-range” prizes.  But (again, on the other hand) it’s brought a whole lot of people here and it’s amazing to me that I can be on the front page of Google if someone searches for it.
  • parrott on shoulder – Yes, we have a parrot.  And yes, she rides on my shoulder all the time when I let her.  It’s an interesting experience and I recommend it to anyone, even though it’s not something you’re supposed to do.
  • my dr pepper bottle cap says uwin – Good for you!  Hopefully by now you have gone over to the Dr Pepper website and entered your code, which you need to do to redeem your code.  It’d be great if you won, say, a screen saver or computer wall paper.
  • milkshake poptarts – The Strawberry Milkshake Pop-Tarts are another big draw to the Garden of Entropy.  I’m not sure why, but it did encourage me to try other strawberry milkshake flavored items.
  • my uwin cap dont work – Bummer!  Make sure you’ve got the correct contest.  The current one is the Indiana Jones promotion.  The last contest was just a “1-in-6” thing that wasn’t tied to anything.  That one is old and outdated, just like that Dr Pepper may have been.
  • cat destructive licking – My friend, Dave, has de-clawed cats.  I mention this because I’d never heard of cats having destructive licking properties but he mentioned last week that his de-clawed cats do lick the corner of their scratching post to pieces.  I’m not entirely surprised since a cats tongue is very rough for the purpose of stripping meat from bones.  I suppose this could be a reaction to having their natural defense ripped from their feet.  Personally, I’m against having cats de-clawed.  If you’re worried about your furniture then don’t get a cat.
  • gentoo after kde 4 problem install black – This is a problem that I had using the 4.0 version of KDE.  It has not happened to me since I upgraded to the 4.1 beta.  The way I got around it was to either turn off compositing or, if I really wanted the special effects, to wait for the black screen to show up and then hit CTRL-F8.
  • parsippany nj – Parsippany, NJ, is my home town for most of my childhood.  If you’re looking for something in particular you should ask because I really don’t talk about it that much in the blogs.  It was a place where I got real pizza, real bagels, and delicious Dunkin’ Donut’s coffee, which is denied me here in Austin, TX.
  • 2008 challenger – I love the look and idea of the new Dodge Challenger but I’ll probably never get one unless you happen to be a wealthy philanthropist who found my site and is ready to buy me one as per my wish list.
  • kde4 trashcan – If you’re looking for a trashcan on the desktop of KDE 4, it’s a plasmoid (or whatever they’re called).  A widget.  If your distro has the widgets, you’ll need to add the trash can widget to see it on the desktop.
  • cookies and cream pop tart – I never mentioned it in my blogs (well, I don’t remember it) but this Pop-Tart is disgustingly sweet and I can’t eat it.
  • chef chased by a pickle – I found this search term pretty funny.  I’m assuming someone forgot the name of the arcade game, “Burger Time.”  A classic.
  • where are the strawberry oreo cookies – I see them at Wal*Mart all the time.

So those were the more interesting searches for last week.  There’s a whole lot more, but mostly they’re kitten, Dr Pepper, and Pop-Tart related.  I hope this has been of some help to somebody.