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The Dr Pepper site is working again so I entered in my four caps this morning.  Three of them had “uwin” at the bottom so I knew I won something. 

This is what I got for my three “uwins:”  a screen saver (the same screen

saver I won before), a screen saver (the same screen saver I won before), and a wallpaper picture (which is the same picture that’s on the screen saver).

Now, I don’t want to seem ungrateful but the whole purpose of a contest is to get something that’s worth more than what you’re paying for.  But of course, the chances are stacked against you so you end up paying a lot of money to win something.  In the end, you may end up behind rather than ahead.  But in terms of one item, the prize should be worth more.  I pay a dollar for a 20oz Dr Pepper.  I expect a prize to be of equal (another Dr Pepper) or greater value (Lamborghini Muira).

This screen saver and wall paper don’t cut it.  In fact, Dr Pepper shouldn’t even be annoyed if someone puts them both on their website because it’s just additional advertising for Dr Pepper.  I’d be happier if they mailed me a poster.

Still, I suppose they didn’t have to have a contest at all.

Oh, and why am I entering in the ones without “uwin” at the bottom?  Because I’m a clever bastard and if I were running the contest I would have all the crappy prizes be given away with the caps that say “uwin.”  Then people would get accustomed to having “uwin” mean you win something.  And I would put all the good prizes on the caps that didn’t have the “uwin” so people wouldn’t bother entering them.  Then I’d take all the left over prizes that are never claimed and live the good life.