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It’s Monday morning and I’m beat. 

I might as well get this out of the way first, though.  George Carlin has passed away.  This is not a good year for celebrities, it seems.  George Carlin will be missed by nearly everybody.  I would go through a list of everything that is Carlin, but every news outlet and personal blog has already done that.  Of course, if you’re reading this you already know and that makes this entire paragraph superfluous.

Otherwise, it’s a normal Monday. 

One of the side-effects of getting older is that you leave a lot of past behind you.  Your mentally starts to change from, “Wow! This new thing is cool and way better than what I had before!” to “Um, it’s more complicated.  Is it really necessary?  Is it any better than what I have now?”

Maybe, when you were just a young kid, you had a favorite cereal.  As you grew up you changed cereals and started getting more “adult” brands.  Then you get old enough to think, “Hey, I really liked Brand X Cereal when I was a kid.  I’m going to get another box for old time’s sake.”

Then you get to the store and they don’t carry it.  Then you call up the company and check the web site and find out they haven’t made Brand X Cereal since you were a kid.  You start going through different phases, like denial (“I’m sure I saw a commercial for it not long ago”) and anger (“What the hell?  It was a good cereal! Why’d they stop making it?”).  Even though you haven’t even thought about it in twenty-some odd years, you’ll feel kind of offended that they stopped making it.  Just because.

I say “kind of,” even though it doesn’t seem proper.  But what I mean is that you won’t feel so horrible that you’ll need to miss work, or start crying or anything.  But deep inside you feel, well, let down.  Or that the fact that you liked the stuff is invalidated.  Or, worse, that you’re older and everyone has moved on past something that was a staple of your life.