I like to pretend I’m a writer, so I’ll cruise around Writers Digest and see what’s going on there.  These days they have members of their staff blogging, and one of the blogs was about blogging.  I’d link to it if I could remember which one it was.

Anyway, one of the tips about a good blog is to come up with an interesting, probing, question to get your readers to leave comments and become involved.

I see I have a problem.

Well, to be honest I have a lot of problems.  But specifically, I have a problem with blogs.  Like, barely one person comments.  I’ve already come to the realization that I don’t really have anything to offer.  I don’t “photoblog” or provide step-by-step cooking instructions.  I don’t do weird experiments with tinfoil and baking soda.  I don’t have my own TV show or a book.  I’m not a self-help guru.  I’m not a reporter.

I’m just some guy.

A clever guy.

So, after sitting here quietly and thinking to myself I have developed a probing question for my readers (if I have any; for all I know all my hits are search bots) to comment on.

And here it is:  Why are you reading this?

Now I expect an answer, even if you just found this page by mistake.  Just write that down.

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