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First, a bird in motion.

Tooka The Cockatoo

I’m glad to see that I’m learning how to do rudimentary things, like create videos and upload them and then link them to my blogs.  You know, stuff that I would have done a long time ago if I had the incentive to do it. 

Father’s Day is coming up.  This Sunday, in fact.  I take it for granted that I have a great dad.  There’s nothing worse than talking  to someone and reminding them that Father’s Day is coming up and then listening to what a horrible son of a bitch this person’s father is or was.  It ranks up there with complimenting someone on their weight loss and being told they have cancer.

As far as television goes, I’m still enjoying Hell’s Kitchen.  I wonder, sometimes, how I would do on a show like that.  Not cooking-wise.  I don’t think I’d last very long there.  I mean personality-wise. 

Then I wonder if there will every be another Kid Nation.  That show was just bizarre.  I doubt there will be, though, considering the ruckus they raised with the last one.  It’s kind of a shame, though.  I guess it’ll be a few years before anyone finds out if the kids are scarred for life, or if they benefited from the experience.