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It was a dark night made darker by the mass of trees that grew close together. The canopy of leaves blocked out the moon and stars leaving the ground in Stygian darkness.

A crashing of brush, cracking of sticks and bushes, and a blonde woman came running through the trees. Sometimes she would stumble on a rock or limb, but she would catch herself and continue running.

Behind her, not close but not far enough, a figure ran after her. He ran with sureness of someone who had traveled these woods many times. Dressed in a plaid shirt, jeans, and heavy boots that crushed the undergrowth with every step, he carried a large axe.

The edge of the forest came closer. The woman glanced behind her, the tight curls of her hair snapping in front of her eyes. She stumbled again, but ran on. She ran towards a car that sat on the grass.

When she got closer the car detected her key and unlocked the doors. The woman tugged the door open, dove in, and closed the door. She stabbed at the button that started the car, threw it into drive and set the car hurtling towards the road leaving behind a shower of gravel and dirt that blinded her pursuer.

Her cell phone had connected to the cars hands free system already. She called out, “Call 911! Call 911!” The operator managed to get her information and used the phone’s GPS locator to figure out where she was and called the police to let them know that there was an axe-wielding murderer loose in the woods.

A SWAT team arrived in a helicopter and used infrared imaging to find the maniac, who was already annoyed at losing his prey and being pelted by pebbles. The SWAT team brought him down with the use of night vision goggles and high powered assault rifles.

And so, even the venerable horror story must find ways to adapt to new technology.