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Another Monday morning brings another week.  It happens all the time, doesn’t it?

All through life I’ve been told, and have read, that one shouldn’t put human attributes on animals.  That they don’t have feelings, they don’t “think,” and they act purely on instinct.  Mostly I think this is garbage, a way for scientists to shield themselves from the experiments they do on them.  For instance, yestserday I was on the computer and sending instant messages to my mom.  I had Zoey, an African Gray parrot, on my shoulder poking at my ears.  Eventually she travelled down my arm and tried to eat my mouse, mousepad, and keyboard.  I put her back on the cage and she promptly went back inside, sat on her perch with her back to me, and made very sad noises.  Noises like, “Awwwww,” “step-up,” and “peek-a-boo.”  But very, very sadly.  I felt like absolute crap at that point, and I don’t believe for a moment that it wasn’t intentional.

My Linux installation kind of fell apart this weekend, but I fixed it.  In fact, I fixed it real good.  I found another overlay for installing KDE 4 from SVN and got 4.1 installed.  It works great. I don’t get a lot of glitches when I have compositing turned on, and that’s a major plus.  Otherwise, it all worked good except I couldn’t get the Utilities and PIM stuff compiled.  I’ll try again in a few days and see if it works then.