It sucks waking up to bad news.  This morning I turned on the laptop to see that Harvey Korman had died.  Harvey Korman was a comedic actor who, it seemed, I almost always saw on TV or a Mel Brooks film.  A childhood staple sadly gone now.

I guess the Mars Phoenix is humming away happily.  I haven’t really seen too much about it, just the initial pictures it sent back.  It looks a bit sandy up there.  And rocky.  I wonder how difficult it would be to erect a strip mall and, maybe, a suburb?

I’m a little dismayed to learn that someone is making a film based on “Have Gun – Will Travel,” the Richard Boone western from way back when.  I’ve been lucky enough to watch a couple (literally) of episodes.  I’d like to get all of them, but I don’t think it would be affordable.  Anyway, the new film looks like it will have Eminem as the lead.  What a travesty.