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I just found out last night that SkyOne aired “The Colour of Magic” not too long ago.  I didn’t even know that they were filming it.  SkyOne also filmed “Hogfather” a couple of years ago.  While finding that out, I also found out that “Going Postal” is in the works.

While I’m glad to see all this good stuff going on for Mr Pratchett, I have to say it kind of sucks that this stuff is going on in the UK and barely making any waves over here.  Granted, “Hogfather” is on DVD and I can get it at my local Blockbuster.  How long will it be before “The Colour of Magic” is here, though?  I’m an American and have no patience.  Someone must appease me.

I don’t know what kind of deal J.K. Rowlings struck with the Devil, but I’m beginning to wonder if I want in on that kind of action.  Just because she does stuff for charity doesn’t mean Old Scratch won’t want his due when her time is up.