Good morning, everyone.  It’s been quiet here for the past few days.  I’ve been very busy and haven’t had time to do anything.  This isn’t an especially good thing but, as the saying goes around here, having a job at all is good.

I’m quite determined to set aside time for myself in the evenings where I can just write.  The Jonathon story is flinging around in my brain.  A re-write of “Have Gun Will Travel” pokes its head in on occasion.  My massive novel involving a lot of high-tech science-y stuff is still percolating.  So many things that I would like to get to.

Then there are the items that I just like to do, such as “Hi-Tech Nostalgia” and “Movie Trailer Reviews.”  Speaking of which, Speed Racer…  looks worse and worse to me every time I see the commercial.

Anyway, the weekend is coming up and I think it’s time to start taking things seriously.