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There’s a store around here that’s selling a one terabyte hard drive for $200.00.  I find this interesting and also kind of annoying.

Back in 1989 or so I bought my first hard drive for around $500.00.  It

was a 10Meg drive.  That would mean that back then I would needed to have 104,857 10 meg hard drives to equal 1 terabyte.  Back in my day this was the stuff of science fiction.  Beyond science fiction.

Even NORAD’s super computer, W.O.P.R. didn’t have that kind of storage.  Of course, it was defeated by some kid with a 1200bps modem so maybe that’s not so surprising.  But still…  Gosh.

I couldn’t even begin to do the math to figure out how many 16K (that’s kilobyte) games would fit in 1 terabyte.  I could, but I’m not going to.  I’ll leave that as an exercise to the reader.

Considering that most computers can use four hard drives (maybe three depending on how you set up your DVD-ROM.  That’s 4 terabytes.  Golly.