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Friday is finally here and I don’t have very much to write about.  Nearly nothing, in fact.  I’m feeling a little bit better, thankfully.  I could still sleep for a couple of hours if I were allowed to (my work doesn’t allow that for some reason).

I went searching the net a little while ago and found a very old blog I had written about cell phones and text messaging.  Basically, it was about how people using chat programs at the time (ICQ mostly) and IRC were trying hard to figure out how to get a good voice thing going so they could talk to a person instead of typing to them.  Then the cell phones started getting really popular and the biggest selling point about them was sending text messages.  Now you had the technology to talk to just about anybody at anytime without paying long distance charges and people preferred to send text messages.  That was written nearly ten years ago and I had no idea that it would still be the biggest selling point today.

People are just weird.

I had always thought that having a parrot on your shoulder would be cool, but not practical.  I figured that they’d sit there for a minute or two then try their best to get away. 

I couldn’t have been more wrong on that part.  Zoey sat on my shoulder for hours last night.  Mostly doing nothing but preening and poking at my ear and wanting her neck scratched.  This is supposed to be bad behavior because it’s not enforcing the proper behavior of sitting on a perch or something.  But it’s still pretty neat.