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This past winter was a very good winter for the flu virus’.  Everyone I know managed to get it, or something that looked a lot like it.  I managed to fend it off because I’m so wonderful and have a hardy constitution.  At least, that’s what I thought.  I fear I may be coming down with something. 

Sometimes I would like to be sick.  I think it would give me a chance to lay down and sleep for a week or so.  You know, get some bed rest in.  I hardly ever get sick, though.

As one gets older, they sometimes look back on life and wonder about things they haven’t thought about in years.  Today I’m thinking about two places I had been to when I was quite young.  One is Krum, Texas and the other is Benjamin, Texas.  Neither place has much going for it, that I know of.  But I’m overcome with a desire to see if they’ve changed very much.

Krum, TX

It’s been years since I’ve been to either place so I’m not sure if I’d even recognize very many changes.  Benjamin, though, still looks like it’s just a crossroads so maybe it hasn’t changed very much.  I reckon it’s been about twenty years since I’ve been there.  According to my mom, anyway.

Benjamin, TX

Perhaps I’ll be able to make the time to get up there soon, just to look around.  It’ll be interesting for me, but probably not for anyone else.  It’s a piece of personal history, though.