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April 16th should be a holiday.  After all the stress that everyone goes through to make it easy for the government to steal from them it’s the least they could do.

Austin, Texas, is in the top five cities for procrastinating with their taxes.  I don’t know how they work it in other cities, but Austin needs some help.  There’s only one IRS office, and it closed at 4:30pm yesterday.  That’s a few hours short of midnight, when everything is supposed to be turned in.

Since everything needs to be post-marked for April 15th, surely the post offices would be open until midnight.  No, just one.  For the entirety of Austin.  At least they did it right.  The post office is on a two lane road and they turned one lane into a huge drive through.  People that already had postage on their stuff could just give it to a postal worker on the side of the road and be on their way.  If you needed postage you could get into the post office.  It was a genius setup, really.

But it’s all done now, for most people.  Sure, there’ll be people who filed for extensions and forgot and everything else.  But for the rest of the country, we just sigh in relief that we have another year before having to be worried.