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I’m most often asked, “Why MrEntropy?”  Most people assume it’s about chemical reactions, but it isn’t.  If I abbreviate it to “MrE” then people assume it’s about the drug, Ecstasy.  It’s not.

The nickname, or handle, “MrEntropy” was conceived many years ago.  Before the Internet became a big thing (even before it was known outside of academic circles).  It came about during the time of the Bulletin Board System (BBS).

At the time I was heavily influenced by a writer named Michael Moorcock.  One of my favorite series of books by him was The Dancers at the End of Time series, which detailed the lives of a few people who lived at the end of Time, when the universe was dying.

Also, around that time, I had read a magazine article about the death of the universe.  I don’t remember if it was in Omni or Discover.  Basically it said that the universe would die from “heat death,” where everything would become colder and slower until, finally, there was no movement left.

I thought, then, that if life arose in a “Garden of Eden,” where everything was green and lush and new, then life might end in a place called “The Garden of Entropy.”  Being influenced by the End of Time series, I thought if the Earth were finally cold, dead, covered in snow then there should be a final outpost for humanity.  A domed, green, living garden in the middle of the snow desert.  The caretaker should have a simple name, so the obvious choice was Mr. Entropy.

A side effect of this name, which didn’t occur to me at all and was pointed out by someone several years after I was using it, was when it was abbreviated to MrE it sounds like “mystery.” I liked that.

I first used “Garden of Entropy” as the name of a BBS I was running.  I can’t remember which software it was, or even which computer.  It may have been the Atari Mega 2 ST running RATSoft, or the 386 running whatever it was I was running at the time.

After that, the Internet hit big so I dropped the BBS (a sad day for me) and began using it as my major “nickname” for every place that I went.

So, there you go.  The origins of MrEntropy.  Feel free to ask questions.