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I don’t think I should have written so much yesterday. I didn’t leave much for today. But I’m American and we Americans are always up for some instant gratification and excess.

Everyone tells me that Zoey, the African Gray Parrot, talks up a storm when I’m not there. That she says, “Hello” and “Daddy” and lots of other things. When I see her, all I get are whistles, “clucks”, and a puppy barking. Oh, and the kissy noises. Sometimes she’ll do the barking sound if I say “puppy” and kissing noises if I say “kissy.” Otherwise, it’s beeps and clucks and stuff. Sort of like hanging around R2-D2.

She looks like she’s growing a little and gaining a bit of weight, so I guess her diet is OK. I’d like to get a few more different types of nuts. I wish she could eat onions. I probably shouldn’t get her so used to “human” food, though. She likes spicy food, so we get along all right, there.

I’d been trying to get to Half-Price Books and see if I can start re-building my James P. Blaylock collection. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Hi-Tech Nostalgia — Part // is still in the works. It’s kind of stalled a little bit. But it’s still a work in progress.