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Thank you for being here for another installment of Vending Machine Food Review. Today we bring you the remarkable taste of “Burger King Ketchup & Fries.”

First, the packaging. The product comes in a 1.75oz bag. In the bag, the product takes up less than 1/3 of the bag. Contents shift during shipping and all that. Also, despite it being in a bag, the text assures me that I can “HAVE IT YOUR WAY.” I don’t see how that’s possible, since it’s a pre-packaged food.

Opening the bag, one is immediately hit by the scent of ketchup. It’s quite amazing. The snacks themselves are made of potato, according to the ingredients. They look like flat french fries covered in red dust.

When you eat one, two things come immediately to mind:

1) They don’t taste anything like french fries. They kind of taste like re-constituted potato snacks.

2) It tastes like they’re covered in ketchup.

Point #2 is remarkable because, again according to the ingredients, there is nothing even remotely resembling a tomato involved in the creation of these snacks. Somehow they got the power of ketchup into a dust.

When all the chips, I mean fries, are gone you’re left with a sack full of red ketchup dust. As an experiment I tipped the sack of dust into my mouth and let it sit there. After it gained enough moisture it was almost like sucking on a ketchup packet.

Well done.