The best part of family visits is that everyone gets to pitch in and clean the house.

Wait.  No, that’s not the best part at all.  That’s the worst part.  Running around and trying to straighten everything up, get the gunk off the walls, clean the bathrooms, do all the laundry that ends up getting stacked in the corners, peeling pancakes off the ceiling.  No, that’s not good at all.

And my dryer sucks.  I put a bunch of shirts in the dryer and close the door.  I start it up and check on it an hour later and find out that the door got opened and a shirt got caught on the inner latch.  How did that happen?  And, apparently the door didn’t open then and it continued to spin.  So the shirt was all wound up.  And all the shirts that were tumbling with it got wound up in the shirt.  By the time the door opened and stopped the dryer, there’s a big long twisted rope in there.

There were times when I ended up being a perch for a while.  Washing dishes with a parrot on your shoulder is quite the experience.  If you

close your eyes you can almost imagine that you’re on some pirate ship and somehow you managed to piss off the captain, so now you’re doing the dishes.  Or your a cabin boy.  That fantasy isn’t really for me, though.  So, I had to give her a Goofball and that kept her occupied for a while.  A Goofball is strips of rawhide wrapped in a ball shape around a tasty parrot treat.

That’s how the weekend went.  Nothing terribly exciting.