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The other day I was rather bored. The topic at work turned towards food, which it usually does when noon approaches, and I began thinking of a section of a book by one of my favorite authors, James P. Blaylock. In this book, actually a series, the main character makes cheeses and ends up on an adventure. This book, The Elfin Ship, I found in a used bookstore and bought on a whim. I had gotten several books that day, but read The Elfin Ship first and regretted it by the time I had finished all of them. I didn’t regret that I read it, just that I read it first. It was the best book of the lot that I had gotten and the rest were not very good. It was my good fortune, later, to find that there was another book called The Disappearing Dwarf, which I bought and read. And, finally, The Stone Giant.

Anyway, food figures fairly heavily in these books, as does coffee. One of the characters, Theophile Escargot, even mentioned eating apple pie covered in cream.

As I said, I was bored and I thought of that and then I thought, “Has James P. Blaylock ever actually eaten an apple pie

covered in cream?” This is a valid question, I think. Many people write about things they haven’t actually done. So, after looking for a way to send him an email I finally landed on a publisher and emailed him. Within minutes I was told that I could send my question to this publisher and he would forward it on to Mr. Blaylock.

Hours later, I had not received any kind of reply. I was expecting a kindly refusal for asking such a silly question. But later that day I saw in my inbox an email from James Blaylock. It turns out that he has eaten pie with cream.

At first I was excited. Someone famous had sent me an email! Answering… a really stupid question. Hmmm. Now, I’m not one to bother famous people. I really believe that their time is their own and any correspondence with them should be limited to, “I really like your [insert medium here]!” So, I sent off asking about coffee made with river water. No, really, it was also mentioned in one of his books.

He did answer again, too. I haven’t written back because, as I said before, I hate bothering celebrities. On the other hand, I know people read this blog and hardly anyone ever writes to me over it. I wonder if I would be flattered if people did, or annoyed at all the people sending me mail. On the other hand, this is just a dumb blog as opposed to a book that gets published and sold.

It is a point to ponder.